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The Academy offers a range of courses, each of which is built to meet the clientís specific needs, combining a variety of individual modules. The complexity and length of the courses depend on the clientis needs, the modules that are selected and the level of the course: basic, advanced, part time or refresh and professional. The flexibility of our curriculum allows us to serve each of our clients very precisely. Our courses all include hands-on exercises.

Some of the following security areas that we offer:



TCCS Special  Security Training programs and areas:



SIA accredited trainings:

Event & Spectator Safety

  • Spectator Safety NVQ Level 2
  • Spectator Safety NVQ Level 3
  • Spectator Safety Management NVQ Level 4
  • Btec L2 Understanding Stewarding at Spectator Events
  • L2 Certificate in Fire Safety (Marshalling)

Specially designed courses are also available.


We usually conduct our courses at the clientis location. Courses can be conducted at the classified or unclassified level. We work throughout the United Kingdom, GB area and beyond. We regularly run courses in Israel, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Russia, Ukraine, Ireland, Germany and the USA.

Our courses are competitively priced. Prices vary depending on location, length, duration (typically from two weeks until three months) and any other specific needs. Most courses include hands-on exercises and are enhanced by senior guest lecturers.

Info: 0043 6764547293